symbiosis and mock newbery

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking about symbiosis and Mock Newberry. I hope you’re having a great day and now let’s get into this blog.


During my last meeting at Mock Newberry I talked about August Isle it is my favorite book from all of the Mock Newberry books. It is a book about a mother and daughter were the mother is keeping secrets from the daughter about her family and the mother is a photographer and the father is a lawyer and both have a lot of work so they send the daughter to the mother’s best friend which live at a place called august isle where mother was born at (can’t anything else because I will spoil it).


There are three different types of Symbiosisis the first one is Mutualism were two different species are helped such as a rhino and an oxpecker. The second one is commensalism were there are two different species and one of the species are helped and the other is not benefited. One example is barnacles and whales. The last one is parasitic were there are two different species and one species is harmed and the other is helped like a tick and a dog.


I hoped you liked this blog. Come back on every other Friday to see a new blog and to learn something new. Next week I will be talking about shouting at the rain and invasive species. See you next time on Aryan’s blog and have a great day.



Hi, guys welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking about robotics. The past 10 days I and my team members were working on robotics. It was really fun and I learned a lot of things about coding which I will be telling you about.

I and my teammates had to do 3 challenges which are the 10-meter challenge were we had to drive the rover which is the machine 10 meters with no problems. The second challenge was the maze challenge were we had to do a maze our teacher set up and finish it under 90 seconds and we got 58 seconds after 4-5 tires. The last challenge was the autonomous challenge were we had to make our own maze and then press one button on the keyboard and the rover will do the whole maze.

I have learned that everything in coding takes patience everything will not work the first time and you will have to try multiple times. Also, it will take a team effort to do anything. If you don’t have any experience in coding you will need a lot of tips and videos about coding to watch to even make it go forward, backwards, to the right, and to the left. When my group was coding we had multiple failures and if we got lucky we got a couple of successes. 

I hoped that all you guys like my blog. Come back every other Friday to see a new blog and to stay tuned. Happy Halloween to everyone and have a great time eating candy (I was writing this during Halloween). Have an awesome day and see you next time on Aryan’s blog.


What going on at school

My first blog post


Hi, welcome to my blog world. In this blog, I will be writing about reading and writing or what I am doing in school. My blog is to let people see what I have been doing this week. Also, about things that I am really excited about in reading or writing. I am a student that gets to do things in a personalized learning classroom (which I might write about in the future). 


A couple of things this school year I have done is the Ayer-walk-a-thon where kids like me go out and collect money for our school to run around this big field and do challenges and also the people that raise $50 they get to do an obstacle course in a bouncy house. If you raise $75 you get to be in a mobile gaming truck which is pretty fun. If the whole school raises $28,000 (which we did) we get a t-shirt, snowie, inflatables. The class that makes the most money will get a Dunkin Donuts party (which my class did). 


This school year I am in a book club called Mock Newberry were we chose 8 books that we read and were published in 2019 and hope that the book we chose is the right and that will win the Mock Newbery award. We talk about the books and which books we like on the list and at the end we vote for one that we think will win the Mock Newbery award. 


In math class I have Mr. Farmer. So far this year we have done is xtramath, freckle, decimals, (such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and rounding decimals) and I have Mr. Farmer in science. So far we have done producers, consumers, decomposers, and right now we are doing robotics. 

That is all the fun stuff that I will be telling you about today.



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